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The ARCHIMEDlife WEBPORTAL is an online tool specially and exclusively designed for physicians and is available to you for retrieving medical reports, follow-up orders, and other important information. The free registration and access can be done online at any time.

By registering in the WEBPORTAL, you as a physician have the following advantages:

  • Easy management of your patients using dried blood spot (DBS) card IDs
  • Tracking of the sample – from arrival at the lab to the status of the test
  • Follow-up ordering of Baby Health Check and other diagnostic tests in just a few clicks
  • PDF download of test results – easy to discuss with parents
  • Access to new publications, news on newborn screening and other important information

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Find the answers to the most important questions about Baby Health Check here.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us personally.

The target group of the Baby Health Check is all newborns. However, Baby Health Check should also be performed in healthy children as a screening examination, in case of a positive family history and in symptomatic children with a suspected diagnosis. Only where screening, rare diseases can be detected and treated at an early stage.

Through a small prick in the heel or through a venous blood draw, a few drops of blood are a few drops of blood are obtained and applied to a filter paper card. This card is then sent to the ARCHIMEDlife medical laboratory in Vienna. There the blood sample is analyzed for certain proteins and metabolites. and metabolites. Die Blutabnahme sollte zwischen der 36. Und der 72. Stunde nach der Geburt erfolgen. Sollten die Eltern das Spital davor verlassen, wird die Blutabnahme früher vorgenommen und die Empfehlung ausgesprochen, eine Kontrolluntersuchung innerhalb der angeratenen Zeitspanne bei KinderärztIn oder HausärztIn durchführen zu lassen. Sollte die Entbindung zu Hause erfolgen, übernimmt die Hebamme die Blutabnahme und die Einsendung der Karte. In the case of symptomatic children or in special situations such as before blood transfusion etc. should be examined earlier.

The list of target diseases can be found here. The BHC program has the advantage that the screening panel can be rapidly adapted as needed. We have made it our mission to expand the BHC screening to include additional rare diseases as new, promising therapies emerge.

There are several points of contact where the Baby Health Check Program can be performed. On the one hand, blood sampling can be done in birthing clinics or by pediatricians, or by a midwife in the case of home births or early discharge, or by a nurse in the newborn room. in the newborn room. Also, the physician who does the child checkups can take the blood sample and send it in.

The status of the specimen, from arrival at the laboratory to the test result, can only be by the physician via the ARCHIMEDlife web portal. As soon as the physician has received the received the medical test result, he/she will contact the parents to discuss the result. to discuss the results. The test result will be communicated in any case after 7-10 days. days.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, therapy is started immediately. Depending on the disease, this can take place in special departments, such as metabolic centers, but also in many children’s hospitals or pediatricians. many children’s hospitals or at pediatricians’ offices.

Although there is no cure for inborn errors of metabolism, early treatment can in most however, in most cases, early treatment can prevent or significantly alleviate the late can be avoided or significantly alleviated.

A special feature of the BHC-NBS screening is that we also perform the confirmation the same blood sample for confirmation diagnostics. This avoids the transmission of false-positive results can be avoided, and the time span from collection to possible diagnosis can be drastically shortened. Repeated blood sampling for recall and additional examinations are also not necessary. Highest sensitivity and specificity is our top priority.

The BHC program includes laboratory diagnostic tests of the highest quality and are quality and are strictly monitored. In general, however, it is in the nature of congenital metabolic metabolic diseases that in a very small number of cases (usually less than 0.1%) the laboratory laboratory testing may not yield a positive result. Important: If the child is clinically conspicuous, then further clarification should be carried out by a specialist.

No, because it is a screening examination. A child with specific symptoms and negative BHC screening must be referred to a specialist for further clarification. for further evaluation. If SMA or MPS is suspected, genetic confirmation diagnostics are possible from the same from the same DBS card is possible and included free of charge.

Ideally, a blood sample is taken as part of the Baby Health Check in the first four weeks of life. four weeks of life. However, many tests can also be performed on older children. can be performed. Primarily asymptomatic children are at risk of becoming symptomatic later.

Yes, as well as children with “nonspecific symptoms” such as delayed developmental milestone, failure to thrive, hepatosplenomegaly, or frequent infections should be be investigated. At the beginning and with mild symptoms, these children can be easily and quickly “checked through”.

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