How does participation in the Baby Health Check program work?

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Here you can order the Baby Health Check dried blood spot (DBS) sample kit.

For any questions, please contact us by E-Mail: info@archimedlife.com.

Ordering is only available to physicians or health care providers.

Are you a parent? Please contact your doctor for participation in the Baby Health Check program.

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    Ordering Process:

    Blood Collection with DBS Card

    After receiving the blood collection kit, please use the sent dry blood card for blood collection. Instructions and detailed information on sample shipment are enclosed.

    Registration of the DBS Card

    Registration of the DBS card in the WEBPORTAL for physicians is required prior to dispatch.

    Registration for physicians is available at:

    Ship to the Medical Laboratory

    Please send the DBS card in the enclosed return envelope. This is already addressed and prepaid.

    The status of the submitted sample can be tracked at any time in the WEBPORTAL.

    Receive the Medical Report

    Within 7-10 business days, your medical report is available for download as a PDF from the web portal.

    The WEBPORTAL is an online tool specially designed for physicians and is available to you for retrieving reports, placing follow-up orders, and receiving other important information and news.

    Physicians can now quickly and easily place their follow-up orders as well as further test orders via the WEBPORTAL.