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Get to know us and our team at the ARCHIMEDlife medical laboratory and learn more about our work in the field of rare diseases

ARCHIMEDlife Founder Dr. David Kasper

Dr. Kasper and his team specialize in newborn screening and laboratory diagnosis of rare diseases and have been instrumental in many improvements not only in Austria but worldwide. Under his leadership of Austrian Newborn Screening, many screening expansion initiatives were launched and numerous quality improvements were achieved. More than 50 international peer-reviewed publications in renowned journals such as The Lancet, as well as national and international awards, show his efforts not only to develop laboratory diagnostics for patients with rare diseases but also to make them accessible to physicians and their patients.

The ARCHIMEDlife Medical Laboratory

ARCHIMEDlife was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing better and faster high-quality diagnostic tests for patients with mostly congenital, chronic diseases. We combine innovative laboratory methods from clinical mass spectrometry to next-generation sequencing from minimal amounts of blood. With our background of continuously improving the field of personalized healthcare, we excel in international collaboration with physicians, researchers, and experts in industry. Specifically, we are dedicated to the development of novel laboratory tests to make actionable health information accessible at the time it matters.

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Three Questions, Three Answers

with David Kasper

  • Why is the topic of newborn screening so important to you?
  • The government screening programs and laboratory teams have been doing an outstanding job for several decades to detect rare diseases as early as possible in order to treat them in time. I myself have led the Austrian screening program and have seen the benefits but also the limitations. That’s why we developed the Baby Health Check program, to give parents early access to an expanded screening panel. Fast, easy and safe – even in the office setting.
  • How was Baby Health Check developed?
  • This program combines not only different methods from laboratory medicine, but also a very experienced inter-disciplinary team of physicians, natural scientists, and a highly motivated laboratory team. This combination alone makes it possible to carry out such a complex and multifaceted program. It has taken more than 8 years to build up the team, as well as the laboratory with many new laboratory tests of the highest quality.
  • What are you particularly proud of within BHC?
  • We are particularly proud to have our finger on the pulse of the times with our program. Fortunately, new therapies are being approved for more and more rare diseases. Matching innovative laboratory tests expand the state program immensely, and we can not only detect potentially sick babies and children faster, but also often treat them more quickly. Only early detection of congenital diseases allows for the best clinical outcome. Every day of delay compromises or endangers the child.


Additional Publications

Correlation of Lyso-Gb3 levels in dried blood spots and sera from patients with classic and Later-Onset Fabry disease.
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