Baby Health Check
The Next Generation of Newborn Screening

One in 1000 children are born with a
treatable, rare disorder

Newborns and children can now be
screened for 70+ rare disorders

Why is Baby Health Check so important?

Internationally, there is no consensus on which congenital disorders should be screened. Consequently, the number and nature of diseases comprised in the screening panel varies enormously by country, from none to over forty diseases.

The medical laboratory ARCHIMEDlife, alongside pediatricians and experts, has developed the Baby Health Check program to give you the chance to personalize the screening-panel and offer your patients the foremost neonatal care they need.

A complete Neonatal Diagnostic Program

Newborns and children can now be screened for additional Rare Diseases with “Screening of the Next Generation”. To give parents and their children access to complex diagnostics, the ARCHIMEDlife medical laboratory, alongside pediatricians and experts, has developed the Baby Health Check Program.

  • Available as a supplement to public newborn screening or as a complete screening panel of 60 disorders – contact us for your individual program
  • Fast and easy sample collection through dried blood spot technique.
  • Confirmatory genetic testing from the same sample included in the program and available immediately.

With their future in mind

Aim of the Program
To improve the quality of life for newborns with Rare Diseases – this is the focus of our program. Through an expanded screening panel with predominantly treatable diseases, Baby Health Check enables the early detection of congenital metabolic disorders before symptoms occur. In the event of illness, a suitable therapy can be initiated immediately. Our team of physicians is at your disposal for further information and support.

Medical Progress
Rapid advancements in the development of novel technologies and therapeutic approaches for Rare Diseases require an immediate adaptation of newborn screening panels. Baby Health Check responds to the demand of state-of-the-art medical progress by regularly updating its screening panel. This way, Baby Health Check keeps pace with the progress made in the field of Rare Diseases.

Personalized Panels
For decades, newborn screening has seen worldwide success as a healthcare program for children. Newborn screening detects congenital metabolic diseases to enable early treatment. In addition to public newborn screening programs, Baby Health Check offers a comprehensive program for additional Rare Diseases with a prospect of treatment, such as Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Severe Combined Immunodeficiencies, Adrenoleukodystrophy, Sickle Cell Anemia, Lipofuscinosis, and Mucopolysaccharidosis.

Not Only for Newborns
Baby Health Check can also be used for symptomatic toddlers and adolescents, as well as adults. Indications for testing include:

  • Positive family history.
  • Specific symptoms:
    Developmental delay, muscle weakness, rapid fatigue Fatigue, hepatomegaly, Neuropathy, cardiomyopathy, recurrent fevers, complicated infections and increased complications after vaccinations.

With our comprehensive choice of newborn screening assays, you have the chance to create a customized Baby Health Check program.
Choose from over 70 Rare Diseases for a personalized testing panel or even order the complete screening panel.

View our full list of screening tests.

Benefits at a Glance

70+ Rare Diseases. A complex screening panel enables early detection of treatable congenital disorders. Personalized treatment pathways are available for improved clinical outcomes.

The program includes the initial biochemical analysis as well as additional genetic confirmatory testing to avoid false-positive screening results.

Transparent processes and valuable support from our expert team. Our accreditation and certification as a medical laboratory ensures the highest quality of diagnostic testing.