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Why newborn screening is so important.

Newborn Screening Saves Lives

Early Detection. Positive Outcomes.

Newborn screening is a essential first step in every newborn life for a few very important reasons.

Most of the rare disorders are very serious.
While many affected babies look and act healthy at birth, within a few days or weeks symptoms of the disorder begin to occur. In nearly all cases, physical and mental developmental delays
result along with a multitude of other health issues.

Treatment is available.
Many of the rare disorders tested for in Newborn Screening are easily managed by a change in diet and dietary supplements. While other treatments are more complex, they still give the affected baby the best prognosis for a normal life.

Early detection is critical.
Most affected newborns start out looking beautiful, happy and healthy. At the onset of symptoms, however, it can be too late to have a meaningful impact on the health of the child. Some disorders begin to show symptoms within one to two weeks after birth and children with these disorders have a very low prognosis for a normal life once these symptoms begin.

  • A newborn screening program that is superior than most newborn screening programs available.
  • Confirmatory testing of presumptive positive results for a new baby.
  • Complete diagnosis with full biochemical and genetic analytic information.
  • Highest level of newborn screening expertise to support you with difficult cases.
  • State-of-the-art technology ranging from Clinical Mass Spectrometry to Next-Generation Sequencing.

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