Ordering Process

Process of ordering Baby Health Check

Five Simple Steps for Babies Best Start


Order the NBS Program

Contact us to order our Newborn Screening program. You can order via E-Mail at info@archimedlife.com or using our online order form.

When you order our program, we send you a complimentary Newborn Screening Sampling kit containing a Dried Blood Spot (DBS) Card, Informed Consent Form (ICF), a return envelope, instructions for sample collection and other information.


Collect the Sample

After receiving our Sampling Kit, use the materials provided to collect the blood sample from your newborn patient.


Register the DBS card

Once the sample is collected and dried, the patient and DBS card can be pre-registered using our WEBPORTAL for faster delivery of the online electronic medical report.

If you are not already a registered WEBPORTAL user, you can easily and quickly register online by following our simple registration instructions.


Return the Sampling Kit

After the DBS card is registered, send us the completed Sampling Kit in the provided envelope via our shipping instructions.

We will send you an E-Mail when the sample arrives. You can login to our WEBPORTAL at any time to see status updates and other information.


Receive your Medical Report

As soon as your newborn patient’s medical report is ready, you will receive an E-Mail from us letting you know it is available for download from our online WEBPORTAL.